An Update on a Classic March 11 2016

When my mom was in town a few weeks ago, I put her to work taking care of my family. One of the ways she REALLY helped was to make dinner.  One night she suggested Chicken Cacciatore, a classic Italian Dish. We decided to update the dish by using La Boîte Ayala N. 16 with Rosemary, Black Pepper &  Garlic instead of the traditional herbs – basil and oregano.

The full recipe is available here.

If you are ever looking to recreate or update a recipe, I highly recommend using the spice blends from La Boîte. Each blend is a taste sensation which will take your dish to the new places!  If you are feeling truly experimental try blending the blends. I find my husband doing this often when I ask him to season a roast for us. 

Happy Friday,