April is Here April 01 2016

Ahh… April is here. Does that mean April Fools or April Showers or that spring is finally here? It definitely means we are into the second quarter of 2016.  I thought this would be a good time to check in on my New Year’s Resolution.  If you don’t remember, my resolution this year was to be more organized.

I started off on the right foot and was very focused on making sure everything had a place and returning it to that place.  Somewhere between the middle and end of January I started losing focus and I can say that once Valentine’s Day was celebrated I was completely off track.  I could make a lot of excuses for not keeping up with this resolution like living in temporary housing or having a second child.  Unfortunately I knew those things were going to happen when I made the resolution and perhaps are some of the reasons I made it. 

April 1 is going to be my wake-up call to get back on track.  I’m going to refocus my efforts into organizing my life. Hopefully that will mean I will be able to carve out more time to try new recipes and look for more amazing products! 

I hope you’ve done better with your New Year’s Resolution and if not, use this as a wake-up call like I am. There is still a lot of time in 2016 to get back on track.

Happy Friday,