Take Your Child to Work Day May 06 2016

Last week was Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day which gave children across the country an opportunity to experience the workplace with their parents. The program began in 2007 to encourage children to dream without gender limitations and think imaginatively about their family, work and community lives. 

I started going to work with my mom and dad way before 2007 and I am really glad I did. I learned how each of them spends their day and a lot about the 'real world'. My Dad has a car dealership and I was there with him well before I could drive! By searching for automotive parts in the back of the shop, I learned the importance of being organized and also accounting for every piece of inventory. Filing papers and answering phones taught me how to interact appropriately on a professional level. It also encouraged me to socialize with others in his workplace.  I later graduated to driving the cars around the lot and that was pretty cool as a 16 year old! My Mom works in the appliance business. My first memories of going to work with my mother involve putting cards into numerical order. Again, I learned the importance of keeping yourself organized. I also got to witness how each phase of a process is important to the next.

I truly believe going to work with my parents inspired me to start my own business. Without them, Julie’s Beet would still be a dream, not a reality.  I continue the tradition by taking my sons to work with me. To be honest, the older one just does it for the chocolate and the younger one doesn’t really have a choice. I hope as they grow older, I’ll be able to teach them similar lessons to those I learned from my parents.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and this is just another reason for me to say ‘Thank You Mom!’.  Don’t forget to give your mom a call to say ‘I Love You!’ and to thank her for all she has done for you!

Happy Friday,