How to Make the Perfect Pasta May 13 2016

Do you ever watch the television show Chopped?  It is a favorite at my house.  It is inspiring to see the chef make something out of the mystery ingredients. These are often really tricky.  It seems a lot of contestants often get chopped because they cook pasta incorrectly. Something that seems to be pretty easy to cook.  We reached out to our pasta experts at Due Cellucci Tomato Sauces to find out what to do to make the perfect pasta. Here’s what they said.

Suggestions for Perfect Pasta from Due Cellucci Tomato Sauces

  1. Cook pasta in fully boiling, salted water(water should taste salty!).
  2. Simmer sauce separately over low heat. (Sauce thickens as it simmers so keep an eye on it until it reaches your preferred thickness)
  3. Drain pasta well
  4. Toss sauce and pasta in the pot over low heat until pasta is fully coated. This helps the pasta absorb the flavors of the sauce. (We like to reserve about ¼ of the sauce to top individual plates)
  5. Finish with Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese
  6. Enjoy

Find out more about Due Cellucci Tomato Sauces here.

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