Happy Chinese New Year, the Year of the Goat! February 20 2015

Yesterday we celebrated the Chinese New Year, welcoming the Year of the Goat and saying good-bye to the Year of the Horse.  While I am not Chinese, it was interesting to learn of the assortment of superstitions associated with the Chinese Zodiac.  As it turns out, I was born in a Goat Year and therefore need to be especially careful in the year to come.  It was fun to learn about the characteristics of Goats and see how I compared to their stereotype.

According to the legend, Goats tend to be calm & gentle with strong creativity and perseverance. We tend to enjoy the company of others and prefer to be in groups.  As I look to the year ahead and the launch of Julie’s Beet, I hope to stay true to these characteristics.  I intend to use my creativity to keep the products and information presented exciting and inspiring.  I hope to stay calm as I take a big leap forward, opening my own business.  I also look forward to meeting new people and making new relationships with our artisans.  I hope to grow my network and maintain strong relationships with my supporters.

While there weren’t any fireworks in my New Year’s celebration, I did receive an added spark.  It is just the motivation I need to keep this project moving forward and make my dream a reality.

Happy Friday,