Spring is in the Air April 03 2015

Wow, I cannot believe it is already April. I saw some flowers poking through in Central Park when I went running this week, a sure sign that warmer weather and spring is on the way. This weekend includes Good Friday, Easter and the beginning of Passover, another sign that spring is here.

Every holiday has its own traditions and for me those traditions usually involve food and family.  On Passover we eat a lot of Matzah(unleavened bread) a very blah food!  I’m always looking for creative ways to make it taste better. This year, I’ll be spreading some jam from Gus and Grey on my Matzah! At the Passover Seder we eat a lot of other foods (thank goodness!) and we get to drink four glasses of wine (that makes the end of the meal very interesting).   Now that I am cooking for my family, I try to improve on the recipes prepared by mother & grandmother.  I know I’ll be using Ayala N.16 from La Bôite on my roast beef and organic dark chocolate from Rococo Chocolates in my Passover Cake.   I am sure everyone will love the updates to our traditional recipes. Maybe it will become a tradition to update the recipes each year?

The best part about holidays is knowing I’ll be with my family and friends.  I wish you a very happy holiday weekend. I hope you enjoy the company of good friends, family and delicious food.

Happy Friday,