The Big Apple October 23 2015

It is hard to believe it was 11 years ago that I packed up my things and made the move to the Big Apple, New York City. I was 25 with a sense of adventure and determination and had nothing to lose by following my dreams to make it in NYC. They say if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.

For the first few months I stayed with some friends in Westchester. I was taking a 5:15am train to be at the restaurant, db Bistro, where I worked by 6am. That’s early! It didn’t stop me from working hard and then going out and exploring the city in my ‘free time’. In a short time I had a room in an apartment on the Upper West Side and started making friends. A lot of my friends now, I met when I first moved to New York City. We were all young and looking to make a career for ourselves while also trying to have a good time!  I can appreciate how much sleep I didn’t need back then.

Fast forward 11 years and I’m still living on the Upper West Side. I’m no longer renting a room in an apartment but making a home for my family.  I still get up early, but at least I get to make my own hours, which means no 5am wake-up unless that is what I want.  I don’t have too many nights out on the town but I still take advantage of all that New York City has to offer. I love getting together with my foodie friends. It is amazing the different paths we have taken from that tiny kitchen at db Bistro. A lot has changed in the past 11 years but one thing remains the same, my sense of adventure and determination. I am still committed to ‘making it’ in New York City and want Julie’s Beet to be a dream come true.

I really appreciate your support in my venture. I’m always open to advice, suggestions and words of encouragement.  Feel free to comment or email. Enjoy the then and now pictures below!

Happy Friday,


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