Thank you for a fantastic Open House! November 06 2015

It was Halloween and we had balloons, candy, Bloody Mary’s and Chicken Wings.  I knew it was going to be a great day, but I didn’t know how great. Our open house on Saturday was a big success and the best part was seeing all of the familiar and new faces stop by.  As most of my business is conducted online, I hardly ever get to talk to ‘real’ people. It is something I love and I was so happy to share the story of Julie’s Beet and our terrific artisans with everyone who stopped by.

Here were the highlights…

EssieSpice Pop Up

It was wonderful to share our space with Essie, the creator of EssieSpice.  She brought the heat with her chicken wings and sweet potato tater tots.  Each item was finished with one of her signature sauces.  It was difficult to choose a favorite and I was glad to taste them all.  It was also fantastic to hear Essie speak of her heritage and inspiration for her sauces.

A Visit from the Spice Master

Lior Lev Sercarz of La Boîte stopped by with samples of his spices and some delicious spiced popcorn. It was wonderful to hear from the spice master himself about creating the different blends and what is happening next.  Lior always has great business advice and I am so lucky he shares it with me!

The Bloody Mary Bar

I knew this would be a success as who doesn’t like a really good Bloody Mary and everyone also loves being involved in creating their own drink.  The bar was stocked with The Bloody Mary Spice Master Collection from La Boîte consisting of four different blends to accompany Vodka, Gin, Tequila and Aquavit.  In addition to the tomato juice, lemons and limes we also had Artion Green Olives, D.a.T. SaUce, Jacobsens Salt Co. Sea Salt Flakes, Gus & Grey Hola!Hola! Smoked Garlic and Tomatillo Jam and Rick’s Picks Smokra and Mean Beans.

All of You

It would not have been a fantastic day without all of you stopping by. Thank you to those who came from near and far to see what Julie’s Beet has to offer.  A big thank you to my friend Emily, who earned the title of Employee of the Month for all of her hard work throughout the day. Finally, a huge Thank you to my Husband and son who not only helped on the day of the open house, but also got to assist in the preparations weeks ahead.

If you didn’t make it to the Open House and would like to see what Julie’s Beet has to offer, send me an email at  I am happy to share the stories of the artisans with you and take you on a culinary tour you won’t forget.

Some of my photos from the day are on this album here.

Happy Friday,