How to WOW a Surprise Guest December 04 2015

During the holiday season there are a lot of get-togethers with friends and family… both planned and surprise visits! I tend to feel a lot of pressure in serving something special and delicious when we have company.  As a professionally trained chef, I always feel our guests hold me to a higher standard.  Here are some quick and easy snacks you can make using products from our marketplace and kitchen staples. They impress my guests and I am sure they will impress yours.

Smoked Garlic Tomatillo Topped Cream Cheese with Crackers

Simply take a block of cream cheese from your refrigerator and pour a bottle of Hola!Hola! Smoked Garlic Tomatillo Jam over the top. Serve with any type of cracker from your pantry. Your guests are sure to love the way the smokey, sweet jam complements the richness of the cheese.

Gourmet Pickle Sampler

All you need are a few bowls or an interesting platter with sections and some toothpicks.Open a few jars from Rick’s Picks and you’ll be set. Mix up the flavor profile by using the sweet Phat Beets, the spicy Hotties and the smokey Smokra.

Spiced Popcorn

While La Boîte does make their own delicious spiced popcorn, I don’t always have some on hand. Pop a bag of Tiny But Mighty Microwave Popcorn Butter Flavor and toss with your favorite spice blend from La Boîte. I love the smokey, spicy flavor from Ararat N.35 or make it salty with Cancale N. 11.

Traditional Greek

I always have a bottle of FIVE Olive Oil on hand and some of their Estate Balsamic Vinegar.  Put these out in a nice dish with some sliced baguette for dipping. Add some Kalamta or Green Olives from Artion Greek Foods and your guests will be totally impressed.

Everyone loves Chocolate

When all else fails, just open a few bars from Rococo Chocolates and have a DIY Chocolate Tasting. It is always fun to have your guests guess the flavor of the bar. Remember to start with the lightest chocolate and flavor first.

Keep these handy for the unexpected guest or treat yourself as a guest and enjoy anytime.

Happy Friday,