Fill Those Stockings December 07 2015

Christmas morning is going to be here before you know it. Unfortunately stocking stuffers are often an afterthought and leave the receiver disappointed. I still remember the year my dad put a lump of coal in my stocking. It was supposed to be a joke but didn’t go over too well.  Whether the stocking is tiny or REALLY big, we have some great gifts that are sure to fit inside perfectly!

Rococo Chocolates Bee Bars – At just 20 grams these bars are the perfect size to fit in any stocking(or pocket) and are great to eat on the go. At just $4 each they fit any budget or shop our Flash Sale and spend $2 each on Basil & Persian Lime Dark Chocolate, Chilli Pepper Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Fizz White Chocolate

La Boîte Spice Blends – These containers may be small but the contents and memories will last. Use these blends on everything from scrambled eggs and pasta to Roast Beef and even desserts. Whoever is on the receiving end won’t be disappointed and hopefully they’ll offer to cook something for you.

D.a.T. SaUcE – The 5 oz and 10 oz size are perfect for those skinny stockings.  This sauce is so versatile it can literally be used on everything.  Get a bottle or two for the ones you love!

Jacobsen Salt Co. Pure Flake Salt – This pouch of salt is just the right size for a stocking and is so useful in the kitchen. Use it to finish your dishes from fish to eggs or sprinkle some on a piece of chocolate! YUM!

Paul + Pippa Biscuits – With three fantastic Flavors you’re sure to find one that will suit the stocking’s owner.  Or give all three and enjoy a real treat!

Please remember the last day for standard shipping is Tuesday December 15th.

Happy Holidays,