One week and counting December 18 2015

It is difficult to believe Christmas is just one week from today and with the weather unseasonably warm in New York, it hardly feels like winter. I’m sure we will get cold weather eventually but the holidays are going to be over before I know it.

This holiday season, from Thanksgiving until now, has really flown by for me. I really appreciate all of the orders I’ve received and know there are going to be some happy people out there opening delicious packages from Julie’s Beet.  It was very special to be featured on the Weespring Gift Guide and as part of Melodrama’s Small Business Saturday write up. I plan to continue collaborating with other fantastic companies to reach new audiences and get new ideas for the marketplace.

I hope you aren’t too busy shopping, gifting and eating and are able to take some time for yourself this holiday season.  I plan to enjoy a few restful days with my crew and hopefully we’ll find some snow!

Happy Friday,