Winter Warmers January 15 2016

Winter has finally arrived in New York City with cold(seasonal) temperatures and hopefully some snow!  It is the time of the year I like to warm up with a hot beverage and either stay tucked inside or head out to the nearest mountain for some skiing.  This winter, I’m trying to decide if my go-to drink will be Rococo’s Organic Drinking Chocolate or the Cacao Tea from Undone Chocolate. 

Both of these drinks are warm and chocolatey but ultimately couldn’t be more different.  Let’s start with the cacao tea.  At Undone Chocolate they really look for the health benefits in chocolate and analyze their beans to find the highest levels of antioxidants.  Once the beans are used to make the chocolate the shells are preserved for the cacao shell tea.  To make the tea, you simply steep the shells in hot water for 5 minutes, strain and enjoy. The beverage has a nice aroma of chocolate and is a lighter way to get your chocolate fill during the cold months of the year or year round!

Drinking Chocolate is just that, it is beverage made from shaved dark chocolate and the addition of milk or water.  I tend to prefer my chocolate on the creamy side so I love mixing Rococo’s Organic Drinking Chocolate with warm, foamy milk.  Purists will add a small amount of hot water making an espresso like drink we called the chocolate shot at the Rococo Café.  Either way you end up with a very rich, very chocolatey drink.  The kind where just a little will go a long way.  The child in you will prefer the milky version and the grown-up chocoholic will prefer the chocolate shot.

It is good to know chocolate can be a part of your winter warm up whether you are looking for a light drink or something rich and strong.  How are you drinking your chocolate this winter?

Happy Friday,