Celebrate Dad June 17 2016

This weekend is one of the best holidays of the summer, Father’s Day! 

Unlike Moms who all love flowers and chocolates, Dads are often tough to get a gift for.  This year I asked my son what he wanted to get for his dad for Father’s Day. You never know what you’re going to get from a two-year-old but he said “A Shirt”.  We had just picked up a bunch of his dad’s shirts from the dry cleaners but I went with this answer.

“Okay,” I said, “We’ll get Daddy a shirt.”   

“A blue one, a green one and a red one,” my son replied.

Easy enough for me! I went shopping online and bought the requested shirts. We’ve got them all wrapped up with some cards, ready to give my husband for Father’s Day. Last year we got him a shirt that said This is What an Awesome Dad Looks Like.  I have a feeling this year’s shirts may get more wear.  My dad is pretty easy to shop for as he likes to cook and eat, and so do I. This year I sent him some D. a.T. Sauce so he can spice up whatever he happens to be cooking. 

If you’re in New York this weekend and looking for somewhere to take your dad, check out Brooklyn Makers Market.  Our friend EssieSpice will be there cooking up some delicious treats with her Trio of Sauces. Visit their website for more details, brooklynmakersmarket.com 

However you are celebrating, have a great Father’s Day and don’t forget to say “I love you Dad!”

Happy Friday,