Family Traditions November 24 2017

This morning, I’m waking up at my mother’s house. It is a family tradition to spend Thanksgiving together and that doesn’t just mean eating turkey together. We flew in yesterday afternoon arriving just in time for dinner after having Thanksgiving Lunch with my Husband’s family.  My family goes above and beyond when Turkey Day comes around with day’s full of traditions each year.  Now that I have a growing family of my own, we aren’t always able to participate in all of the traditions. It can be difficult when two families come together to keep each other’s traditions alive. I do my best to keep everyone happy and included as there isn’t a member of my family I am not thankful for!

Today’s activities include a trip out to my grandparents’ weekend home. The weather is supposed to be relatively warm which will be great for our annual football game.  While we’re there we also typically do a jigsaw puzzle, play board games, and eat WAY TOO MUCH.  The menu is the same every year… mushroom barley soup and cheesy bread.   That is served along side snacks galore. Think M&M’s, popcorn, pretzels, and potato chips.  It is enough to make anyone smile as they fill their bellies.

Yesterday was my son’s first Thanksgiving and today will be his first football game.  This year has been filled with a lot of firsts for the new little guy.  I am so thankful to share these family traditions and experiences with him. I know the rest of the family agrees.  Family traditions are very important to me and the holidays tend to bring out a lot of them. I hope my new family will embrace the traditions of our two extended families while also creating some traditions of our own.

On that note, let the holidays begin. Enjoy spending time with your family and sharing your traditions from year to year.

Happy Friday,