Food Trends of 2017 February 17 2017

It has been a few weeks since I was out in San Francisco for the Winter Fancy Food Show.   I had a wonderful time and have been busy reaching out to the wonderful vendors I met out there to bring their amazing products to our marketplace and tell their story.  I attend the food show not only to look for new products but also to keep up with trends in the industry.  Here are a few trends I picked up on this year.

  1. Detox Shots are REALLY big out west. This was something new to me but they seemed to be everywhere at the show and in California.  A blend of vinegar with fruits and other nutrients that you take as a shot each morning to kick start your day. This is not my thing, but there is definitely a market for this out there.
  2. Chocolate is here to stay. There were always big brands of chocolate like Ghiradelli but now the smaller chocolatiers are getting ready to compete with the big guys.  Craft Chocolatiers Dick Taylor and Raaka Chocolates were among many brands exhibiting at the Fancy Food Show.
  3. The outside is just as important as what is inside. Packaging has always been important but now it is an even bigger consideration. I’ve learned this is especially important when selling online as you cannot taste most items but you do get to look at their beautiful packaging.
  4. Hot but not too hot. In years past ghost peppers have been in everything, this year saw more balanced sauces and products.  This is really good news for someone who doesn’t love spicy food!
  5. The fine food industry is getting bigger and better. Each year I am surprised at the number of talented folks out there who are creating new products that shape the industry.  It is finally ‘cool’ to make great food and that is a trend I can get behind.

In just 5 shorts months, the Fancy Food Show will be back in New York City.  That’s long enough for something new to come into play and I’ll be eager to find out what it is.

Happy Friday,