Ghost Peppers are HOT! August 26 2016

The Bhut Jolokia, or ghost pepper was rated the hottest pepper in the world in 2007.  Since then it has been passed over by the Infinity Chili and most recently the Carolina Reaper.  It still is HOT! In fact, it is 400 times hotter than Tabasco Sauce measuring over 1 million scoville heat units.  Lately I’ve noticed, there has been a trend using ghost pepper in almost anything. I am not a huge fan of spicy but if you are this is great for you.  We are happy to have a jam from our friends at Gust and Grey that is made using ghost peppers. It is appropriately called ‘Holy Hell’ and it definitely has a burn.

We recommend using Holy Hell as a sauce, like barbecue or mix a little in your margarita to take it up a notch.  Here is a quick and easy appetizer recipe using Holy Hell. Find it on sale in our marketplace for a limited time!

Happy Friday,


Holy Hell Cream Cheese Appetizer


1 block Cream Cheese

1 jar Holy Hell Ghost Pepper Jam

1 box of your favorite crackers



-Place block of cream cheese on the platter you plan to use to serve it.  Open the ghost pepper jam and pour over the top of the cream cheese.  If you don’t want it too spicy just use half of the jar.

-Serve with your favorite crackers.