How to Taste Chocolate October 28 2016

This week, I had some special visitors from London... Rococo Chocolates founder Chantal Coady and her husband James.  It was great to see them and catch up on all things chocolate related.  I was able to join them at 2 Beans in New York for a tasting/demo.  If you are a coffee or chocolate lover then 2 Beans is a must visit when you are in NYC.  They currently have four locations throughout Manhattan.  

I learned a lot from the tastings and quickly realized a lot of people don't know how to properly taste chocolate.  Sure we all love to EAT chocolate but it is a more amazing experience if you really TASTE it to.  

Here are a few tips on the correct way to taste chocolate.

  1. Begin with a fresh palette. We often drink white tea during a chocolate tasting.  One sip of tea before you take a bite of chocolate will not only cleanse your palette, it will also warm up your mouth and your taste buds.
  2. Let your taste buds do the work. When we bite into a delicious chocolate bar, our first instinct is often to chew it right up, YUM! That is the opposite of what you want to do.  Your taste buds are on your tongue and it is important to let the chocolate linger on your tongue to get out all of the flavors. 
  3. Your sense of smell works closely with your sense of taste. Before you take the first bite smell the chocolate.  This will give your taste buds a clue as to what is coming and make the flavors more distinct.
  4. When tasting more than one type of chocolate begin with the mild, light flavors first. Be sure to sip some white tea between chocolates so you do not muddle the flavors.
  5. For chocolate pairings with wine for example, always try the chocolate and the wine on their own. Then try the two together - Take a bite of chocolate followed by a sip of wine or take a sip of wine followed by a bite of chocolate.
  6. ENJOY! The most important rule when tasting chocolate is to enjoy every bit of it.  Sit down, relax and let the flavors come in.  When you take the time to taste your chocolate you will appreciate just how delicious it is.

There are 100’s of different chocolates out there and the journey to finding your favorite is the best part. Shop our chocolate collection here.

Happy Friday,