Introducing P & T November 11 2016

One of my favorite foodie events of the year is the Fancy Food Show. When I left the show in June in New York, I had a wish list of items I wanted to add to our marketplace. Since I strive to find the hidden gems, the artisans I work with are often producing on a very small scale and it takes time to get their products.  I am very pleased to finally introduce you to P & T(Paper & Tea) one of my favorite items from the Summer Fancy Food Show.

P & T, Paper and Tea is a specialty tea company founded in Berlin, Germany.  They are a group of people who have been inspired by tea’s legacy through the ages as an agent of communication, creativity and culture.  At P & T they are continually searching to find the world’s finest herbs and teas.  They take these fine ingredients and hand craft a superior tea.  The packaging has strong identity for P & T as each tea has a unique design.  The boxes truly are a piece of art.

We carry a variety of their teas in our marketplace.  All teas are in boxes of 15 tea bags, so all you need to make the tea at home is hot water and a mug.

TIP OF THE MORNING:  A finely balanced black tea breakfast blend to welcome the day

BERRY POMP: A flamboyant caffeine-free blend of rich organic berries and refined blossoms

PU ER BAI YA: A pure Chinese white tea from wild tea trees of Yunnan

MIGHTY GREEN: A rich premium Japanese sencha green tea

Try one or all of them. You will not be disappointed!

Happy Friday,