School Year Routine September 15 2017

This week my oldest son started back to school. Although the mornings have been busier, I must admit I really like the routine that the school year brings.  With a routine, everyone knows what to expect and how the days and weeks are going to go.

I think one of the reasons I enjoyed cooking in restaurant kitchens so much was the routine they brought.  While each service was different depending on what the diners ordered, each day had a routine.  On Mondays I peeled tomatoes, Tuesdays were for making soup, etc. The combination of the routine and the excitement are what makes working in a restaurant kitchen fun and stressful at the same time.  Add some heat(literally) and things can get really exciting in those kitchens, especially the small ones you find in New York City.

The school year has the same type of routine I’d find in my days in the kitchen with a little less of the excitement. To be honest, that is just fine with me right now. We still have a little bit of a rush of excitement each day…  Will we get out of the door on time?  Do I need to put some ‘pep in my step’ to get to school on time?  I feel pretty good about myself when everyone is dressed and fed and we are out the door on time.  Like working in a restaurant kitchen having your mis en place(French meaning everything in its place) ready,  also applies when getting ready for school. In a kitchen, this means having the meat portioned, the olive oil ready and the pan hot for when an order comes in.  For school this means, we pack our backpacks and pick out our clothes the night before so we’re prepare for the morning.

While we seem to have a good morning routine started, there is always room for improvement!  Please let me know any tips you have for getting into a routine.

Happy Friday,