Summer Heat is Here! June 16 2017

We had a bit of a heat wave in New York this week and as luck would have it, my air conditioner broke right in the middle of it!  During the days of 90 degrees inside I discovered a box of melted chocolate wafers.  It wasn't too upsetting as I put them to good use making some delicious brownies.  What it did do was get me thinking about summertime shipping.

We want to make sure all of our products get to you in the best possible condition.  While all of our products are shelf stable, some are heat sensitive and require special shipping when the weather heats up.  If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, like my sister, this applies for more months of the year than if you live in New York, where we are based.  We’ve created a special section of Summer Gifts which will arrive in perfect condition no matter what the weather is.  The items that are especially sensitive to the heat(mostly chocolate) have a note in their description so you can choose summer shipping at checkout.  This allows us to pack the products with cooling elements and insure they don’t spend too much time in transit. We’ll be sure to reach out to you if you miss this part of the order.  At the end of the day, we just don’t want you to be disappointed with our products.

The moral of this story is you can still enjoy your summer filled with delicious artisan products from Julie’s Beet, we just need to be careful on how they ship.  So go out to the beach, the country, camp or stay in the city and we’ll have your orders there in great condition.

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing Dads celebrating this weekend, including lots of our artisans.

Happy Friday,


Father's Day Gift Guide June 09 2017

With Father’s Day just over a week away I’ve been thinking about what to get my dad and my husband. For some reason dads are more difficult to shop for than moms.  Here are some suggestions on what to give your dad this year instead of a tie!

For the GRILLING Dad: The Coco for Garlic and Tamarind Oh! Sauces from EssieSpice make great marinades and finishing sauces for anything you want to grill… chicken, beef, pork, even vegetables.  You also cannot go wrong with a little bag of Pure Flake Salt from Jacobsen Salt Co.  The perfect way to finish a nice juicy steak or piece of fresh fish.

 For the SNACKING Dad: Does your dad just likes to chill out in front of the television watching the big game or movies?  The microwave popcorn from Tiny But Mighty comes in a Butter and Kettle Corn version and is ready in 2-4 minutes.  The Ranch Salad Almonds from Nuts About You also make a great snack and don’t forget a piece of Matzo from The Matzo Project topped with dad’s favorite cheese or spread.

For the DRINKING Dad:  Does your dad start the day with a Bloody Mary or finish the day with a Martini? We have gifts for him too!  The spice blends from La Boite make excellent cocktails, especially the Bloody Mary Spice Master Collection.  The Green Olives from Artion Greek Foods are perfect in a gin or vodka martini. 

Please place your orders by Monday June 12th for guaranteed delivery with standard shipping before Father’s Day.

Happy Friday,


A Lesson From My Dad June 19 2015

It is Father’s Day this weekend and that got me thinking about the ways my Dad has influenced me.

One thing I definitely learned from my dad is how to love food! My dad loves food and at his house nothing gets wasted.  I remember taking a picture on a family vacation of him throwing away some leftovers. I guess they weren’t going to get eaten and there was no way to bring them home. My dad not only likes to eat good food but he also likes to cook. I love cooking with my dad because he is very creative in the kitchen, like I am.  He’ll use a recipe as a guide and then likes to experiment with the ingredients.  He often says things like “I’ve been thinking about making a sauce for our duck using rhubarb but I want to make it spicy.” or "What do you think about adding cheese to these potatoes?" We did make that rhubarb sauce for our duck and added some fresh jalapeños to make it spicy. It was delicious!

When I am looking for new products for the marketplace I often think about how my dad would use something.  It guides me to products that are easy for people to enjoy. All of our products are great straight out of the jar, bottle or box but a lot of them are even better as part of a recipe.  I’ll keep experimenting with the collection and pass along my winning recipes to all of you.

Thank you Dad for passing along your love of food and for your inspiration to experiment in  the kitchen!

To all of the wonderful Dad’s out there, Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy this day all about you.

Happy Friday,