More to Celebrate! March 17 2017

Today I am off to Phoenix, Arizona! You might argue I just want to get out of the chilly northwest and melt in some 90° heat but I’m actually headed out to the desert to help my wonderful sister celebrate her 40th birthday.  I thought I would dedicate this post to telling you all why she is 40 and Fabulous!

  1. Her Creativity – Watch out Martha Stewart because here comes my sis. She is super crafty and creative in everything she does.  Her kids have the best Halloween costumes on the block… everything from Rare Roast Beef to Harry Potter.  My sister also takes her creativity to her work as an interior designer. Her home is a display of her good design sense.  Finally, she also spoils all of us by hosting the most amazing parties. I am sure this weekend’s festivities will not disappoint. As her friend kindly put it, she’s the queen party planner and of course wants to work wonders on the own shin-dig!
  2. Her Style – This may go along with her creativity but my sister has an endless sense of style. She picks a look and goes for it from head to toe.  I wish I could get out of my comfort zone and try as many looks as she does.  She also makes it look effortless and for me, that is the key to great style!
  3. Her Love – My sister would do anything for her family and friends. She has two amazing sons that she takes everywhere from school to the driving range and everywhere in between.  She also takes time out for the rest of the family. This weekend I am happy to be helping her take some time for herself celebrating how amazing she is.

And with that I’m off to the airport.  You never know what else I’ll find in Phoenix besides my sister. Anyone have any suggestions on where to go in the desert? 

Happy Friday,