A Quick, Easy and Delicious Appetizer July 02 2015

I’m always looking for shortcuts that make me look like I’ve spent all day in the kitchen.  This appetizer is perfect for last minute guests or just something quick to put together before your schedule guests arrive. I won’t tell them how easy it is to prepare if you don’t!



Rick’s Picks Phat Beets Happy Appy

Makes 10 servings


8 oz. Fresh Goat Cheese, softened

Crostini or Crackers(To make your own, slice a day-old baguette into ¾” rounds. Brush both sides lightly with olive oil. Bake in a 400°F oven for 7-10 minutes or until golden brown. Cool completely)

Rick’s Picks Phat Beets cut in to 1” pieces

Fresh Blueberries(optional)


-Spread a teaspoon of goat cheese onto crostini or cracker.

-Top with Rick’s Picks Phat Beet

-Crown with blueberry, depending on availability

Happy Chinese New Year, the Year of the Goat! February 20 2015

Yesterday we celebrated the Chinese New Year, welcoming the Year of the Goat and saying good-bye to the Year of the Horse.  While I am not Chinese, it was interesting to learn of the assortment of superstitions associated with the Chinese Zodiac.  As it turns out, I was born in a Goat Year and therefore need to be especially careful in the year to come.  It was fun to learn about the characteristics of Goats and see how I compared to their stereotype.

According to the legend, Goats tend to be calm & gentle with strong creativity and perseverance. We tend to enjoy the company of others and prefer to be in groups.  As I look to the year ahead and the launch of Julie’s Beet, I hope to stay true to these characteristics.  I intend to use my creativity to keep the products and information presented exciting and inspiring.  I hope to stay calm as I take a big leap forward, opening my own business.  I also look forward to meeting new people and making new relationships with our artisans.  I hope to grow my network and maintain strong relationships with my supporters.

While there weren’t any fireworks in my New Year’s celebration, I did receive an added spark.  It is just the motivation I need to keep this project moving forward and make my dream a reality.

Happy Friday,