We're Hiring a Retail Specialist September 01 2017

Julie’s Beet is looking for a retail specialist.  We are an e-commerce site dedicated to bringing the work of small artisans in front of a larger audience of consumers.  We are constantly looking for the hidden gems of the food world and are eager to share the stories of their creations with others.  The site is a well-curated marketplace for foodies looking for something exciting and different.  We bundle these fantastic products into gift sets which are shipped around the country.

This part-time position offers substantial on-the-job training and experience working directly with the owner and founder of the company.  The position will include day-to-day assignments in marketing and social media, procurement of new products, as well as order fulfillment.  These opportunities are focused on creating an environment that promotes learning, developing professional skills, and broadening the understanding of the components needed to manage a successful business. 

This is a part-time role with the opportunity for expansion for the right person. The hours are flexible with a total of 8-10 hours per week.

Primary Location: Upper West Side New York City

Responsibilities Include (But are not Limited to):

-Order Fulfillment

-Marketing Campaigns

-Social Media

-Product Management including selection and inventory

-Creating a great customer experience including Outstanding Customer Service


Ideal Candidate Possesses

-Passion for Gourmet Food

-Basic Computer Skills

-Extraordinary Communication & Multitasking Skills


Please email resume and cover letter to

We're on #WestSideWednesdays July 14 2017

A few months ago I let you know about a cool opportunity I had to make a video with one of our customers. Annette Akers is a real estate agent and neighborhood experts so I was thrilled when she asked me to be a part of her YouTube Series called West Side Wednesdays.

Our episode is now live on YouTube for all of the world to see. You can view it HERE!


If you are planning a visit to New York City be sure to check out Annette’s other episodes for some great secrets of the Upper West Side.

Happy Friday,


Delicious Passover Foods April 22 2016

Tonight marks the beginning of the Jewish Holiday of Passover. This holiday celebrates the exodus from Egypt of the Jewish people and incorporates the story of Moses, Pharoh and the ten plagues. As with most holidays, there are a lot of special foods for Passover. Unfortunately for this holiday, there are a lot of foods to avoid.  That doesn’t mean you cannot have something delicious during the holiday.

I’ve taken some of the products from the marketplace to make these holiday staples even better.

Matzoh Pizza is a favorite at my house.  This year, we’ll be using Due Cellucci Traditional Tomato Sauce to top our Matzoh. Just spread the sauce over a piece of Matzoh and  cover with your favorite toppings. Then finish with shredded mozzarella cheese.  Put under the broiler in your oven for about 5-7 minutes until the cheese is melted.

Chocolate Toffee Matzoh is one of my favorite Passover desserts. When you have to cut out leavened foods, there isn’t much to feed a sweet tooth but this always does the trick.  Cover a baking pan with aluminum foil and place a single layer of Matzoh on the foil.  Next heat one cup butter or margarine with 1 cup brown sugar.  Stir constantly until the mixture comes to a boil. Pour over the arranged Matzoh. Place in a 350°F oven until the toffee topping is bubbling. Immediately sprinkle with one bag of chocolate chips.  To make this even better we chopped up some Rococo Chocolates Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Artisan Bars and used them instead of Chocolate Chips.  As the chocolate melts, spread it to cover the toffee layer.  Cool in the refrigerator for 10 minutes, if you leave it too long it will become difficult to cut.  Cut and enjoy.

If you are celebrating Passover, I hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends and delicious food!

Happy Friday,


Happy Anniversary Julie’s Beet! April 15 2016

I cannot believe it has been a year since this site officially launched.  What an exciting year it has been. I’ve met so many wonderful people and eaten so many delicious products. I still love hearing each artisan’s story and searching near and far for the hidden food gems from around the world.

When Julie’s Beet launched we had just four artisans in our marketplace.  Rococo Chocolates, La Boîte, Gus & Grey and World Excellent Products were part of our opening collection and continue to be among my favorite products.  To celebrate our anniversary we’re adding a surprise gift from one of these artisans to each order placed before May 14th. We now have sixteen artisans represented in the marketplace and continue to grow.

One year ago we had just one gift collection available. Now we have more than ten gift options and also the option of creating a custom gift set. Each set is curated to give the recipient a variety of outstanding products. We want to pass along a great message to family and friends about what they are eating and the people behind the products. We continue to brainstorm more interesting combinations for our gift collections.  If you  see we are missing something please let us know!

I am excited to see what lays ahead for Julies Beet in our second year. I hope our business continues to improve and grow.

THANK YOU for all of your support over the past year and here’s looking to many great years ahead.

Happy Friday,