Local Hero - Tara Grey March 27 2015

We are very proud to have Gus and Grey as part of the opening selection of Julie’s Beet Products.  Gus and Grey was started by Tara Grey in Michigan just a few years ago.  Tara, the jam pimp, of Gus & Grey learned about making jam from her grandmother.   She began making jam in her Brooklyn apartment many years ago, but it wasn’t until she moved back to Michigan that her hobby became a business.  Tara carries her family tradition forward using local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible.

The product line from Gus & Grey is both savory and sweet.  We love the fruit jams on toast in the morning.  The savory jams are better late in the day, perhaps mixed in to a cocktail.  At the moment I am really loving My Funny Clementine, Clementine Jam.  It brightens the last of the cold mornings as we move into spring.

Tara Grey was recently recognized by Edible WOW magazine as a Local Food Hero in Michigan. Her products are a hit among the locals, who nominated her for this award. We cannot wait to share her wonderful products with you.

Congratulations Tara!  We look forward to eating a lot more of your jam.

Happy Friday,