What's New Upper West Side?!?! February 02 2018

As we come to the end of January, I find it hard to believe that we’ve moved so fast into 2018.  The good news is there are lots of good events coming and more new things to get excited about.

Yesterday, I received two very exciting emails.  One was from my husband letting me know that Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Shop is going to be opening two blocks from Julie’s Beet. Hopefully the shop opens quickly, and I’ll be able to stop in all summer to get my fill of hand crafted ice cream.  The second email came from my brother-in-law, letting me know that Make My Cake, a popular Harlem Bakery, is making the move to the Upper West Side a mere six blocks from my apartment.  I’ll be able to get my fill of cupcakes and cookies not too far from home.  It is a good thing that I like to exercise, so I can eat what I want!

The good news from these emails is that even with a lot of businesses closing there are still many artisan businesses that are thriving. As a small business owner, I make a point to support other small businesses whether is be the local ice cream shop or a friend who sells stationary.  I know it might cost slightly more but the impact is far greater on the small business than it is on the big business.  I’ve made a goal this year to collaborate with more small businesses to provide you all with some unique experiences.  We’ll be launching our first one just ahead of Valentine’s Day so stay tuned.

Happy Friday,


Olives Straight from Greece September 29 2017

We’ve been working with Hellenic Farms, an importer of specialty Greek Foods since we opened.  They are the importer of the delicious FIVE Olive Oil from World Excellent Products. When we wanted to add olives to our marketplace it made sense to see what Vivianna at Hellenic Farms had to offer and we weren’t disappointed.  The team at Hellenic Farms recently started producing their own line of olives and we are thrilled to have them as part of our marketplace.

The Pitted Kalamata Olives are in a large variety in a vinegar brine.  They are harvested by hand in the fall and naturally cured to keep their exceptional taste and premium quality. Kalamata Olives are a staple of Greek Cuisine, found commonly in a Greek Salad but also paired with fish.  Here is a great recipe for Olive Chocolate Tapenade using Kalamata Olives. It is super quick and will impress your guests!

The Greek Green Olives from Hellenic Farms are of the Chalkidiki variety.  They are premium quality olives from the groves in Northern Greece and are also harvested by hand.  These green olives are firm in texture and mild in flavor.  Hellenic Farms ensures they are carefully processed to maintain their nutritional value and distinctive taste.  Green Olives are great snack but also perfect in a martini.

I always have a jar of each of these olives in my pantry. They are perfect to put out for an unexpected guest or add to the latest dish I am cooking.  I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

Happy Friday,


New Product Alert - Gourmet Matzo Ball Soup September 08 2017

Just in time for the coming Jewish Holidays, I am happy to welcome The Surprisingly Delicious Matzo Ball Soup Kit from The Matzo Project to our marketplace.  If you’ve tried their Matzo Crackers you know this isn’t going to be your typical Matzo Ball Soup.  The geniuses over at The Matzo Project have once again succeeded at turning something that could taste like cardboard into something gourmet!

This Matzo Ball Soup Kit has almost everything you’ll need to make the matzo balls and the broth. You just need 4 tablespoons of oil (slightly more or less if you are interested in making sinkers or floaters), 2 eggs and water.  There are three easy steps to follow on the back of the box and it really is that simple.  The mix is vegetarian, low fat, and contains no MSG, Trans Fats or anything artificial.  It doesn’t get much better than that, unless it is grandma’s homemade matzo ball soup.  The signature Grandma from The Matzo Project is pictured on the box sitting atop of a bowl of her delicious soup. 

My family likes to have Matzo Ball Soup every Friday night. I made the switch a few weeks ago to this mix without telling them.  They were all smiles when they tried it and I am sure your family will be too.  Order some now for your holiday meal and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Happy Friday,





I love the Upper West Side April 28 2017

This week I had the pleasure of working with Annette Akers, a local UWS resident and real estate agent.  Annette was filming a series of videos highlighting shops around the neighborhood and I was very honored that she decided to focus an ‘episode’ on Julie’s Beet.  The interview got me a thinking a lot about my business and asked questions that I know the answers to but maybe you do not.

Here is a preview of my interview with Annette. I’ll be sure to let you know when her videos are live so you can like, share and comment on them.

  1. How long have you been in business? What does your business do? Who do you cater to?

We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary on April 14.  Julie’s Beet is a Gourmet Food Marketplace specializing in smaller producers. We look for the hidden gems of the culinary world and don’t want to carry the same products you’ll see on the shelves of your local supermarket.  We cater to cooks, eaters, and gourmets.

  1. How do you curate products? Tell me a little about your artisans.

I opened our marketplace with products made by friends and friends of friends.  Since then I keep my eyes open for the next big thing and am always looking for something unique and different.  La Boîte Spices was one of our first artisans and I’ve known Lior for years.  I also used to work at Rococo Chocolates in London and knew I needed their products in my marketplace.

  1. What are some of the ways you use the products?

I use our products everyday.  Jacobsen Salt Co.’s Kosher Salt is an easy one since I use it on everything from salting my pasta water to sprinkling on my salad for lunch.  The same is true of D.a.T. Sauce… it is a hot sauce that you can put on almost everything. I love thinking outside of the box on how to use our products and have a recipe section on the website to help others know how to use them.

  1. What made you choose the UWS to set up shop?

The Upper West Side was an easy choice for me as it is close to home. I’ve spent most of my time living in New York City on the Upper West Side and the neighborhood feels like home to me.  It has just the right amount of hustle and bustle for someone from the Midwest.

  1. What’s in store for the future?

In the future, I hope to expand the hours at our showroom at 210 West 80th Street and I am always looking for new artisans to add to our marketplace.

  1. How is the UWS changing for the better?

I see lots of big residential buildings going up in the neighborhood which means more people are moving uptown.  That is bringing some great restaurants and shops to the area both big and small.

Happy Friday,


Something New in the Marketplace February 03 2017

And just like that we are into the month of February.  I often find that with a new year, there are lots of other new things.  The marketplace at Julie’s Beet is no different. We’ve added quite a few new products over the past few weeks.  Here they are(in no particular order).

Rococo Chocolates Collector’s Edition Organic Drinking Chocolate Tin – This metal tin contains the same drinking chocolate we’ve always had in our marketplace. The big difference is you will have this amazing decorative tin to keep long after the drinking chocolate is finished. Perfect for holding pens on your desk or hiding your favorite treats.  The drinking chocolate can be made with milk or water for a rich and/or creamy treat.

Rococo Chocolates Milk Chocolate Artisan Bar Sea Salt, Rosemary & Almond – If you love almonds or salt in your chocolate this bar takes it to the next level.  With just a hint of savory Rosemary essential oil, caramelized almonds and a sprinkle of sea salt you’ll be taken straight to a happy place.  Enjoy this new addition to our already extensive line up of Rococo’s delicious artisan bars.

Undone Chocolate Cacao Shell Tea Jar – The crew at Undone Chocolate now offers their Cacao Shell Tea in a sleek glass jar. The jar is bigger(4 oz) so you can make more of the delicious chocolatey tea.

The Matzo Project Everything and Salted Matzo – I’ve been speaking with the masterminds at The Matzo Project since last June and am thrilled to finally have their product in our marketplace.  It is made in Brooklyn New York and is just the kind of product I love. It has amazing packaging and a great taste to go with it. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do and don’t worry your grandmother will approve.

I was at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco a little over a week ago looking for more amazing products. Of course, I found some really good ones. Keep your eyes peeled for even more artisans to join the our growing collection.

Happy Friday,


Welcome Empire Mayonnaise Co. August 19 2016

I am very excited to tell you about a new addition to our marketplace, mayo! This isn’t just any mayonnaise, it is home-style mayo made by Empire Mayonnaise Co. in Brooklyn, New York. 

Empire Mayonnaise Co. was founded in 2011 by chef Sam Mason and designer Elizabeth Valleau. They set out to create home-style mayonnaise in exotic flavors using non-GMO Oils, cage-free & pasture-raised eggs along with local or seasonal flavors.  Almost five years later, they are doing just that.  The mayonnaise has the fresh taste of something you’d expect to come from a home kitchen.  I love the way these little jars of mayonnaise transform whatever I am making into something really delicious. Think super fresh and tasty potato salad or the best devilled eggs you’ve ever made. 

The company started off with a retail shop and wholesale division9unfortunately there isn't a retail store anymore).  They became well-known when Saturday Night Live used their shop for a sketch.  You can watch the video here

While we don’t carry Truffle Garlic Mayo, we do have their Rosemary Mayonnaise and Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise. Both of these flavors are down-right amazing. I hope you’ll try both!

I first tasted Empire Mayonnaise at an event for The Doe Fund, a non-profit organization that provides paid transitional work, housing and educational opportunities, along with counseling and career training to individuals with histories of homelessness, incarceration or substance abuse.  I always say, I never know where I’ll find the next hidden gem for our marketplace.  That night was more about socializing and eating but we didn’t forget about the mayonnaise when I got home.  I hope you’ll enjoy the many, many uses of this fantastic product.

Happy Friday,