My Visit to the Northwest Chocolate Festival October 09 2015

I had a great time in Seattle last weekend and if there was one word (besides amazing) to describe my weekend it would be Chocolate! From the moment I arrived to the moment I got back on the plane to New York the weekend was centered around chocolate.

FRIDAY: The first stop from the airport was Fran’s Chocolates where I was able to see caramel and chocolate making in action. I also ate a few sea salt caramels and even saved a few to share with my husband when I got home.  From there it was on to Pike’s Place Market. I was overwhelmed with the selection of culinary treats both sweet and savory.  I had to have some Chukar Cherries and settled on a bag of Dark Chocolate covered Cabernet Cherries to bring home.  There was still time in the afternoon to catch a factory tour at Theo Chocolate.  This was awesome to see in person. I know a lot about the chocolate making process but hadn’t seen the machinery first hand.  We also got to taste a lot of Theo’s delicious chocolate! The day finished with a casual dinner and I didn’t even have dessert. Unusual for someone with a sweet tooth but there were enough sweets earlier in the day to last all night!

SATURDAY:  The morning started with a savory breakfast of Huevos Rancheros to line my stomach before another onslaught of chocolate.  Then it was off to the Northwest Chocolate Festival.  This was chocolate heaven.  There were two floors filled with artisan chocolate makers tasting and selling their chocolates. I had no idea the number of chocolate makers there are out there and to be honest, they were all fantastic.  The festival also consisted of a full line up of cooking demonstrations, talks and tastings. It was a good break from the action to sit and learn more about the state of the chocolate industry and where it is going.  The good news is there are a lot of really energetic chocolate people out there who are working to ensure the industry moves in the right direction. 

After the festival there was time for a quick dinner. This time salad to cleanse the palette before my flight back to New York. I am sad my visit to Seattle was so short but I definitely made the most of my time there. I’m just waiting for the New York Times to do a piece on 36 Chocolate Filled Hours in Seattle, Washington!  I’ll have all of the tips on where to go.

Check out some of my photos from the trip here. 

Happy Friday,



Seattle Here I Come October 02 2015

Today I’m headed to the wonderful city of Seattle, Washington. The west coast home of the Seattle Seahawks, Starbucks Coffee and The Northwest Chocolate Festival (the reason for my trip).  This will be my first visit to Seattle and I am very excited to eat and drink my way through the city. I’ll be there for less than 48 hours, so have made a short list of the foodie places I am going to visit. 

Here is my plan:

Fran’s Chocolates:  Fran’s makes the most delicious sea salt caramels you will ever eat. I’m planning to add them to the marketplace just in time for the holidays.  Seattle is where these delicious treats are made and they have a Retail, Production and Viewing area in Georgetown. I cannot wait to watch them prepare their famous caramel and look forward to trying at least one.

Pike Place Market: I’ve heard a lot about the guys who throw the fish in the market.  I look forward to that and exploring the many other artisan and food retailers in the market.  Maybe I’ll find something new to add to the marketplace.

The Chocolate Box: Featuring chocolates and wines from local makers this shop is a must visit!  I look forward to seeing what the locals are making before going to the festival which features chocolate makers from around the world.

The Northwest Chocolate Festival: I am going to try to maintain some composure at the Chocolate Festival and not eat too much chocolate. I don’t think that will actually be possible but I’m going to give it a try.

I’ll be sure to let you know about all of the wonderful foods I discover on my adventures out west.

Happy Friday,