Friday the 13th Food Superstitions January 13 2017

Today is Friday the 13th!  That may scare some of you and for others(the less superstitious) it is just like any other day.  I did some research about food superstitions in honor of this day. Here are a few quirky ones I found.

SALT -  If you spill salt you’ll get bad luck.  To counter this throw salt over your left shoulder with your right hand.

ORANGES – Giving an orange to someone will make them fall in  love with you.

TEA – Never put milk in your tea before the sugar otherwise you’ll never get married. Spilling your tea means a stranger is about to visit you.

COFFEE – If there are bubbles in your coffee, you should catch them with your spoon and eat them.  Then you’ll come into money.

HOT PEPPERS – Never pass a hot pepper directly to a friend or it will end the friendship. Instead place the pepper on a table and let them pick it up.

PEANUTS – Don’t eat peanuts at any kind of performance. It is bad luck for the performers.

BANANAS – Don’t bring bananas on a ship it means you won’t catch any fish or the ship could get lost at sea.

Have a little fun with these when sharing food with your friends.  Superstitious or not!

Happy Friday,