Artion Greek Foods

Artion Greek Foods was started to produce and market superior quality Greek Products which would have an appeal to modern consumers.  Through their motto Simple-Pure-Greek they are re-creating the way we look at Greek foods.  Their products are made with good nutrition and health in mind while also maintaining the consistency of traditional Greek delicacies.  Artion means ideal, integral, without defects, perfect and this is apparent from their labeling to the product inside the jar.

Artion Greek Foods was started by a group of friends who had worked in a variety of professions for many years.  They decided to combine their knowledge, marketing skills, extrovert personalities, and passion for Greek Food and do something they would really love.  They work solely with distinguished artisans who take care of their land and pride in the goods they produce. 

When I think about olives I immediately think of Greek Food.  Since I wanted to add some olives to the marketplace I reached out to Vivianna at Hellenic Farms.  She imports many fantastic products from Greece including our FIVE Oils and Vinegar.  When I saw the Artion packaging, I knew it would be a good fit with our other products. One taste and I was hooked, these olives are AMAZING!  They are salty and juicy with bold flavors.  I think they are perfect on their own, but can be added to many recipes and even cocktails.  Olives are my go-to for a quick hors d'oeuvre and I know I’ll be serving these a lot!

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