Chocolat Chapon

Chocolate has been Patrice Chapon’s element since 1986 although his first experiments with chocolate began much before that when he was a young boy.  With a crystal clear vision and an endless imagination Mr. Chapon continues to concoct goodness from his favorite raw material… chocolate.  In 2012, Patrice Chapon lived out every chocolatier’s dream by creating his own chocolate factory.  The machines and tools were historic but the production was modern. In this factory Mr. Chapon is the only full time chocolatier to create ‘bean-to-bar’ chocolate in France. 

I was introduced to Chocolate Chapon from my chocolate friends Christine and Sophia.  Christine works with Chocolat Chapon in Canada and started bringing it into the USA.  It is a unique product using amazing ingredients and really clever, whimsical packaging.  The enjoyment of a bar of Chocolat Chapon is for all of the five senses.

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