D.a.T. SaUcE

D.a.T. SaUcE is the creation of Don Tabor and Scott Green.  Their family always enjoyed a delicious sauce known as ‘Pop Sauce’, made by their grandfather.  Pop always kept his garage stocked with ‘Pop Sauce’ and when the supply started to disappear, Don knew just what he had to do.  Don tried for years to re-create ‘Pop Sauce’ but it was never quite right.  He gave up on the idea and decided to create his own sauce. After many attempts, Don, along with his family and friends, decided he’d nailed it and D.a.T. Sauce was officially born.

D.a.T. SaUcE is a little bit Cajun, a lot Louisiana and a whole lot of flavor and spice.  It isn’t your traditional hot sauce and that is what makes it so good. You’ll use D.a.T. Sauce on your pizza, your chicken and even your scrambled eggs. According to Scott, this is the easiest thing he has ever sold, and after one taste we know why!

My good friend from culinary school, Jeremy Coco, is from Louisiana. He is very proud of his roots and still lives in Louisiana with his family.  When I started Julie’s Beet, Jeremy responded with a note saying congratulations and also offered to introduce me to some fantastic products from his beloved Louisiana.  I am happy he did and that D.a.T. Sauce is part of our marketplace.

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