Farmhouse Lab

Daniela Kratz is the woman behind Farmhouse Lab dressings. What began as a desire to create unique and nutritious salad dressings from high-quality and nutritionally valuable products has turned into a brand seeking out consciously sourced ingredients from the dressing to the bottle to the label.  The dressings Daniela has created use many ingredients local to northern California including the Organic Nuvo Olive Oil from the Sierra Nevada foothills.  Farmhouse Lab Dressings are light with a vinaigrette texture providing superior taste and quality.

I was first introduced to Farmhouse Lab Dressings when a friend was gifted one of Daniela’s dressings from her colleague. I don’t even remember which dressing it was at this point.  Needless to say the dressing made an impression on my friend, to the point that she sent me the information about the company and said you need this in your marketplace.  I’m so glad I followed through and am able to share these dressings with you.

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