Hellenic Farms

Hellenic Farms is the premier importer and supplier of Greek products to the USA.  They work with smaller artisans from all over Greece to source the finest products to bring to consumers in the USA. Their goal is to bring premium Greek products in front of a larger audience while also educating the consumers on health benefits of Greek Cuisine.

When I think of olives I immediately think of Greek Food.  Since I wanted to add some olives to the marketplace I reached out to Vivianna at Hellenic Farms.  She imports many fantastic products from Greece including our FIVE Oils and Vinegar.  When I learned Hellenic Farms produces their own Olives I knew I had to have them. One taste and I was hooked, these olives are AMAZING!  They are salty and juicy with bold flavors.  I think they are perfect on their own, but can be added to many recipes and even cocktails.  Olives are my go-to for a quick hors d'oeuvre and I know I’ll be serving these a lot!

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