Jacobsen Salt Co.

Ben Jacobsen founded Jacobsen Salt Co. in 2011 with the mission to create America’s finest flake and Kosher sea salt. With this mission Jacobsen Salt Co. became the first company to harvest salt in the Pacific Northwest since Lewis and Clark.  The salts produced by Jacobsen are harvested from Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast. Jacobsen tested waters up and down the coast of Oregon and Washington before deciding on Netarts Bay.  According to NY Times journalist, Oliver Strand “If the sign of a good finishing salt is a balance of salinity and minerality, the flavor you find in a pinch of Jacobsen Salt is so pitch-perfect it tastes like it’s from a centuries-old European workshop instead of a start-up in the Pacific Northwest.”

I must confess I love salt and use it on everything. I probably use too much, but if it is good salt, it doesn’t make your food taste salty, it makes it taste better!  I was searching high and low to find the perfect salt to add to our marketplace when I found Jacobsen Salt Co. online.  Their salt is so pure it will make any dish better and that is saying a lot! Use the flake salt sparingly and use the Kosher salt as you would any other. Just use the salt, you won’t be disappointed.

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