Paul + Pippa

Paul & Pippa is a family of friendly people who love natural stuff.  They live in Catalonia, Spain and when they couldn’t find delicious biscuits made with natural ingredients, they decided to make their own.  Paul & Pippa Biscuits are made with extra virgin olive oil, organic yeast, spelt flour and 100% natural ingredients.  You’ll notice the difference as soon as you bite in to one of their sweet biscuits.  Don’t judge Paul & Pippa Biscuits on their appearance because no two are the same.  Nature is quirky and so are their biscuits.

I met Pippa herself at the Fancy Food Show in New York in June.  She is as energetic as her biscuits are delicious, even on the final day of a very long show!  Once I tasted the fresh flavors in the biscuits I knew they would be perfect for the marketplace.  These biscuits are sweet without being too sweet!  They are perfect on their own but even better with a cup of tea.  They can be topped with a variety of things, depending on how adventurous you are feeling. Try the Coco Chip topped with peanut butter, the Lime After Time topped with cream cheese and the Me & Grandma topped with cheddar cheese.  Every combination is delicious and keeps you coming back for more.

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