Rick's Picks

Rick Field, founder and CEO of Rick’s Picks, started making traditional pickles with his family while growing up in Vermont.  Fast forward through a career in TV Production and in 2004, Rick decided to turn his passion in to a business.  Rick’s Picks are all natural and made with in-season produce from farmers local to the New York City Area.    Rick aims to bring innovation to a category that hasn’t seen change in a long time.

One of my favorite places to try new foods in New York City is the greenmarket. If you have ever been to the Union Square Greenmarket on a Saturday afternoon, you know just what I am talking about.  I was first introduced to Rick’s Picks at the Greenmarket many years ago.  Shortly after I launched Julie’s Beet, it was brought to my attention that I didn’t have any products with beets.  That lead me straight back to Rick’s Phat Beets, one of the best beets I’ve ever tasted. 

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