The Matzo Project

The Matzo Project was started by two life-long friends turned business partners, Kevin & Ashley. Established in 5775, or around 2014, a delicious Matzo worthy of the gourmet cracker aisle was created.  The Matzo Crackers are not only delicious but are bundled up in clever packaging.  The box comes complete with a stereotypical Jewish Grandmother asking ‘Would it kill you to try something new?’  I am so glad I did.

I first met Kevin and Ashley at the Fancy Food Show in New York in the summer of 2016.  They had just sold out of their first run of production and were eager to get the word out about their great product. A few weeks later I was telling my friend’s new girlfriend about the amazing matzo. As it turns out, she was friends with Ashley after meeting at a bar in Brooklyn.  It really is a small world and I was more determined to get the amazing Matzo for the marketplace.  It was worth the wait and I hope you’ll enjoy the matzo all year round, not just for Passover!

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