Tiny But Mighty Popcorn

Tiny But Mighty Popcorn is an ancient heirloom variety of corn that is completely unique and delicious.  The tiny kernels offer intense flavor, crisp texture and a disintegrating outer hull that won’t get stuck in your teeth.  Farmer Gene Mealhow along with his wife, Lynn, and their sons have been producing Tiny But Mighty Popcorn since the late 1990’s.

Farmer Gene is a soil consultant by profession and also a third generation family farmer.  He bought the popcorn business from Richard Kelty in the 1980’s after consulting for him to improve production on the farm.  The K & K Kernel, named for the Kelty and Kramer Families, was either found growing in Iowa by these families in the late 1850’s or traded for from the Native American Indians.  This popcorn is difficult to breed and therefore isn’t popular with most farmers.  Gene and his family have worked hard to keep this kernel alive and their dedication comes through in every kernel.

I discovered Tiny But Mightly Popcorn at the Fancy Food Show in New York, a long way from Iowa.  My twin sister went to college in Iowa so I have always had some loyalty to the state and was excited to see something so exceptional come from a place so close to me.  After one taste of the popcorn I was hooked.  This popcorn is all about the flavor of the corn, not the added flavors!  I love a salty sweet snack so I am partial to the Kettle Corn but the Butter Flavor is also amazing!

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