Undone Chocolate

Undone Chocolate is made with beans that are full of integrity. They source cacao beans from small producers and then analyze them to find the ones with the highest levels of antioxidants.  These are used to make their delicious chocolate bars and the shells from these beans are used to make their cacao tea.  Adam Kavalier got into chocolate making as a scientist; he has a PhD in plant biochemistry. Along with his wife Kristen, Adam started Undone Chocolate to bring healthier chocolate to the market. After just one year in production, their bars are making a name for themselves in the craft chocolate world.  The cacao tea is like nothing you have seen before. It is a chocolate flavored tea, much lighter than a hot chocolate and definitely better for your health.

I was first introduced to Undone Chocolate at the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle.  This was an overwhelming weekend of chocolate but their healthy approach to chocolate really resonated with me. I loved their cacao tea as it has all of the notes of chocolate while also being a light and easy to drink. I hope you’ll enjoy the product as much as I do.

Visit the collection here.