Xoco Gourmet

Xoco Gourmet was established in 2007 after many years of searching for the perfect cacao.  It is the first producer to offer single variety, fine flavor cocoa in volume.  Their vision is to maximize the flavor potential of chocolate by producing superior beans.  After years of looking, the Mayan Red Cacao Plant was chosen to have the best flavor profile.  Since there were only a few healthy trees remaining, Xoco Gourmet, along with their farmers, underwent the largest cocoa grafting operation in history.  Their farms are spread throughout Central America. They have a special agreement with each farmer to ensure they are fairly paid for their cocoa beans.  The team behind Xoco Gourmet is based out of Denmark where Frank Homann, founder and CEO, started his career in the army!

I was introduced to Xoco Gourmet from my friend and fellow chocolate lover, Christine.  She has a knack for finding delicious chocolate so I knew before I even tried it that Xoco Gourmet was going to be out of this world.  As a milk chocolate lover the 48% is my favorite while the dark chocolates are very popular with the vegan crowd. As with any fine chocolate, a little Xoco Gourmet goes a long way.

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