Butter Microwave Popcorn

$ 4.00 $ 8.00

The best microwave popcorn you've ever had.  Made with Farmer Gene's Heirloom Popcorn, this popcorn has a really intense flavor. The tiny kernels make this a popcorn that will not get stuck in your teeth. The tradional butter flavor brings out the richness of the popcorn, put a bag in the microwave and enjoy. You probably won't want to share this one!

What's Inside - Tiny But Mighty Heirloom Popcorn,  Palm Oil, Sea Salt, Organic Clarified Unsalted Butter*, Natural Flavor

*contains dairy

Made in Shellsburg, Iowa, USA

How to use: Grandma Carolyn's Popcorn Eggs 

One box contains 3 -2.5 oz bags

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