Cocoa Chip - Organic Cocoa & Salt Flake Biscuits

$ 6.00 $ 8.00

You say you aren't really a chocoholic?  You are still guaranteed to love these biscuits.  Made with all natural, organic ingredients one or two Cocoa Chip Biscuits is the perfect way to finish any meal.  With just the right amount of salt to elevate the cocoa flavor, you'll be coming back for more.  Serve with your afternoon tea and top with jam or preserves for an even sweeter treat.

What's Inside - Spelt Flour, Butter*, Cane Sugar, Olive Oil, Salt, Cocoa(Ghana)

*contains dairy

Made in Catalonia, Spain

How to use: Pumpkin Pie with Paul + Pippa Chocolate Biscuit Crust

Comes in a 5.2oz canister

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