Hot! Hot! Hot! Gift Set

$ 59.00

Do you want to turn up the heat on your cooking, or know someone who does?  This gift set is not for the faint of heart but is for those who like a lot of spice.  The gift box includes Holy Hell - Ghost Pepper Jam from Gus & Grey, D.a.T. Sauce, Rick's Picks Hotties - Spicy Sriracha-Habanero Pickles and from La Boite, Pierre Poirve N. 7- blend of 8 different peppers and Ararat N. 35 - Urfa Beiber, Smoked Paprika & Fenugreek. Finish it all off with something sweet with the hot  Rococo Chocolate Chilli Pepper Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar.

Made in the USA - New York, New York; Morgan City, Louisiana; Detroit, Michigan; Englewood, New Jersey; London, England

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