Hotties - Spicy Sriracha-Habanero Pickles

$ 8.00

Rick has added Sriracha to traditional crinkle cut pickle chips and the result couldn't be better.  Put these pickles on your burger, your turkey sandwich or just eat them straight out of the jar.

What's Inside - Cucumbers, Vinegar, Water, Sriracha(Red Chilli, Sugar, Salt, Garlic, Fish Extract, Lactic Acid/e270, Acetic Acid/e260, Antioxidant - Ascorbic Acid/e300), Garlic, Chilli Powder, Habanero Powder & Calcium Chloride

Made in New York, NY USA

How to use: Deviled Eggs with Rick's Picks Hotties and La Boîte Izak N.37

Comes in a 24oz Jar

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