Paul + Pippa Gift Set

$ 18.00 $ 24.00

This gift set includes three delicious flavors of Paul + Pippa Biscuits wrapped up into one fantastic set. A combination of sweet and savory flavors are sure to make this gift a hit. These biscuits make the perfect addition to your afternoon or after dinner tea by adding just the right amount of sweetness and natural flavors. This set of biscuits makes a great housewarming gift.

What's Inside - Spelt Flour, Butter*, Cane Sugar, Olive Oil, Salt, Apple, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Lime, Yeast, Whole Wheat Flour,*, Lemon Juice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Yeast, Carrot, Spices

*contains dairy, egg

Made in Catalonia, Spain

Comes in 3 x 3.5oz boxes

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